EEG Biofeedback

      ...also known as Brainwave Biofeedback  &  Neurotherapy

EEG (brainwave) biofeedback (usually called Neurofeedback) is an application of personal growth and change that helps correct problems as diverse as Attention Deficit Disorder in children and drug addiction in adults. This technique helps people with chronic pain, migraine headaches, anxiety disorders, PMS, seizure disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorders, and a number of other difficult clinical conditions. The approach is as “cutting edge” as current brain chemical research, and also grounded in the most ancient understandings of human health. Neurotherapy practitioners worldwide are now using neurofeedback with both adults and children who have learning problems, depression, sleep problems, and other medical and psychological conditions. Most people know about biofeedback, but Neurofeedback is far beyond traditional biofeedback, like the space shuttle is beyond the first airplane.

The neurofeedback process uses computerized biofeedback to help learn self-regulation. The mind-body is an integrated whole with self-regulating mechanisms which are very taxed in our modern society. Neurofeedback enlists the person’s own self-regulatory mechanisms to create a state of optimal health, which leads to lasting changes after a number of training sessions. The use of brainwave feedback allows people to develop skills which often take years to learn through traditional approaches. How does someone learn to control his or her brainwaves? An audio-visual display responds when one is producing desired brainwave patterns. This information helps the brain learn to make normal transitions between brainwave states, rather than being habitually stuck in one state most of the time. The depressed person is often stuck in a low arousal pattern. The anxious person’s brain may be producing too much high frequency brainwave activity; that person can learn to make the transition to a more relaxed, lower arousal state. The child or adult with an attention problem may have trouble making the shift to an alert, focused brainwave state.. The person with a substance abuse problem may produce high arousal brainwaves and not enough of the “feel good” brainwaves.

Neurofeedback teaches a natural, permanent tool; before neurofeedback the brain was stuck in a pattern, and after training, the brain becomes more flexible. Specific brain-based training techniques can identify and address neuro-physiological processes and issues with precision and speed unmatched by older approaches. These interventions are specific enough to abort a migraine headache in progress without drugs, and general enough to promote the development of empathy and self control in certain individuals. What can such technology do for healthy people? It is believed that we use abouot 25% of our brainpower. Optimal Performance Training with neurofeedback facilitates mental adaptability and higher level brain functions. It trains brain operations to more peak performance. The evolution of consciousness is both a group and individual process.

High tech brain training offers an effective, verifiable way to accomplish this task-- another doorway to personal progress-- to reach “higher” levels of consciousness. Many people find themselves resistant to approaches such as yoga, meditation and spiritual practices, but some find it easier to accept the benefits of transformative experiences when they use a technological approach. Neurofeedback is the most holistic use of technology. Many people all over the world devote a great deal of time and energy learning to regulate their brainwaves. They just call it different things; some call it trance work, some call it meditation, some call it personal healing. They are trying to reach a state of freedom, and a more calm and centered way to live. Brain training technologies are just that, training. There is no magic or instant cures. They require the same kinds of training as do traditional behavioral approaches. This technology does allow a more precise, targeted training process that produces results relatively quickly. Neurofeedback training is a useful and innovative technique, and the logical evolution of standard biofeedback.

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